Are You Ready To Defeat The Hillary Clinton Agenda?

Barack ObamaWe have to tell you that the road we have chosen will not be easy – fighting a sitting president never is. As Ronald Reagan said, “There are no shortcuts to greatness.”

But, I can promise you this: As a member of the Conservative Majority Fund, you will be at the very forefront of the vital battle to defeat Hillary Clinton's radical left-wing agenda -- and “proclaim liberty throughout the land.”

  • We won’t take a back seat.
  • We won’t pull any punches.
  • We won’t allow the left wing media establishment to continue to distort the truth and cover up for Hillary Clinton.
  • We will make absolutely certain that on a daily basis, you know exactly what Hillary Clinton is up to!

And the actions we take together are going to defeat the left-wing agenda of Hillary Clinton once and for all!